Freestanding Tubs 

Elegance and sophistication abound with these decorative yet highly functional free-standing tubs from brands like Americh, Lacava, Bain Ultra, Barclay, and many others.


Air tubs offer a full body, soft tissue massage using warm air for a more sanitary solution to hydrotherapy, and come in a variety of options and fits such as raised deck, slim deck, and others for in-corner, drop-in, free-standing, and three wall alcove arrangements from Americh, Bain Ultra, Hydro Systems, Toto, and more.

Whirlpool Tubs 

Whirpool tubs are a deep tissue hydrotherapy that use water jets similar to a hot tub, and include options for shallow-depth, oval and rectangle, with drop-in, freestanding, and and three-wall alcove designs from Hydro Systems and Waterworks.

Air/Whirlpool Combo Tubs

Combo tubs have both whirlpool and air therapies for your choice of relaxation while selections include free-standing, back-to-wall, walk-in, and others, with several colors available including white, almond, and more.

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