Wall Mount Toilets

Wall mounted toilets are the picture of sophistication, and can be placed at any comfort height – view selections from Icera, Neo-Metro, Toto, and Lacava with options for bowl only, one piece, urinals and more, in white, silver, and other colors and materials.

Floor Mount Toilets 

Contemporary, modern, traditional, and transitional styles from brands like Barclay, Icera, Toto, and Waterworks in two piece, bowl only, and other options, in brown, white, black, and other color options.

Bidets / Bidet Seats 

Add a sense of elegance and refinement to your bathroom with bidet options that include universal angle, deck mounted, wall mounted, and integrated setups of modern, traditional, and vintage styles and copper, gold, chrome, and brass finishes.

Smart Toilets 

Hands-free toilets that work to save water and energy in contemporary, traditional, and transitional styles in bronze, wood, white, nickel, and other colors and finishes.

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