Staying in business for 140 years doesn’t happen by accident. It takes time, trust, and dedication to the core values that carry a family legacy from generation to generation; and for five generations the Chown family has been about building quality relationships and treating employees and customers like family.

We could tell you stories of descendants long passed like D. B. Chown who paid the company payroll out of his own pocket during the Great Depression. Or Frank Chown who when approached by an employee that asked about any work available for his wife so they could pay their bills promptly gave the man the raise he needed to keep her at home with their kids during a recession.

Values like these keep doing business in humble perspective that works towards a culture of inclusion and teamwork that shares in each other’s triumphs and trials.

Frank Chown used to say, “When you’ve given your best, you never have to look back,” and now we can look back over a hundred-forty year history and see family helping family and community share a success discovered in these Core Values:

  • Working together to serve our customers and community
  • We are empowered to provide solutions
  • Every decision begins and ends with integrity
  • We treat our fellow employees and customers with consideration, dignity, and respect
  • Continually committed to improving our knowledge and abilities