Project Description

In Bloom

DESIGNER: Penny Black Interiors
BUILDER: Look Construction


When the original plumbing fixtures didn’t arrive as expected, Chown stepped in to specify the perfect metallic faucets for Penny Black Interiors’ award-winning principal bathroomand fast. 

Penny Black Interior’s latest Portland home remodel, Bloom, contains an element of surprise around every corner. From the iridescent stair rail to the sophisticated, monochrome living room, each color, texture, and tone comes together to create a cohesive design language. Within the home’s five bathrooms, kitchen, bar, and pantry room, Chown contributed luxury plumbing, hardware, and quality support when the design team was confronted with an unexpected challenge.

“Chown has been an incredible partner for Penny Black,” says Stewart Horner, Penny Black’s co-founder and principal designer. “They’re always ready to help in whatever way they can. My sales partner on this project took time to get to know me and personalized the entire experience. He learned how I like to work and accommodated that. Likewise, the entire Chown team has always taken the time to check in and see how we are doing. They follow the business progress and engage with us on many levels.” 

Chown and Penny Black’s relationship became even more crucial when a shipping delay nearly brought Bloom’s principal bathroom design to a standstill. Back in 2019, Horner selected a suite of matching bronze sink and bathtub faucets for the metallic-themed bathroom. He even created the entire design concept around the pieces, including the chain mail curtain around the bathtub. However, after waiting a year for the faucets to arrive, the design team was informed that all the faucets couldn’t be completed in the same finish. Since the team had already installed the shower components, tiled, and finished the room, Chown stepped in to re-specify a full faucet suite under a tight timeline. Within a few months, the team selected a new suite of Watermark Brooklyn fixtures and re-configured the plumbing to accommodate the new pieces. In April 2021, the bathroom was honored with a Luxe Red Award for Best Bathroom. 

“Needless to say, it was a stressful few months of work for everyone, but the end result was fantastic,” says Horner. “We are very proud of this project and could not have worked with a more dedicated team than Chown.” 


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