Project Description

Dyer Studio

DESIGNER: Dyer Studio
PHOTOGRAPHY: Meagan Larsen


Time takes a toll. And either you can fight time and lose or you can honor it by integrating natural materials—stone, plaster, wood, ceramic, metals—into modern updates for older, more classical homes.  

“Living finishes are a natural fit for traditional homes,” explains Stephanie Dyer, founder of the inimitable Dyer Studio. “Finishes that age well convey an appreciation and respect for the passing of time. Embracing imperfections brings a soulful element to what could otherwise feel stark and impersonal.”  

“And nothing that Dyer Studio creates is stark or impersonal. And that’s why Stephanie not only looks to Chown to help her source the plumbing and hardware fixtures that match the authenticity of her design concepts for her client’s high standards for finishes but for her own home remodels as well, such as Little Sur. “You often don’t realize how much you love a particular finish or product line until you see it,” says Stephanie, “which is why visiting the Chown showroom is so crucial. 

Tara Dyer is Stephanie’s sales rep at Chown. They’ve been partnering on finishings and fixtures for remodels and new builds in the Pacific Northwest since 2018. With deep experience in the design industry, Tara is an expert in the product specification process. “There’s no competition,” says Stephanie. “Chown’s showroom is an incredible resource and Tara’s knowledge is unrivaled.”  

“They really care about maintaining great relationships,” says Stephanie, “and it shows.” Honoring character—in people, in environments, in finishes—is a spirit that Dyer Studio and Chown Hardware share. “Stephanie is one of my favorite designers,” says Tara. “Talented. Empathic. Passionate. You can just trust that everything she touches will turn to gold.” 

This bespoke, personalized, and design-centric service is just one of many reasons designers, builders, and homeowners in the Pacific Northwest choose to work with Chown. And it’s how luxury is made in the moments. 



Arnold Creek Modern

A stunning modern kitchen and bath remodel to this wonderful home built in 1922. A desire for midcentury elements in the remodel. Linear suspended light with metal inlays where the forms meet.


Irvington Bathrooms

Two amazing bathrooms and examples of how natural materials such as stone and metal come together to create a harmonic synergy. 


Laurelhurst Atrium

Too beautiful to hide behind closed doors. A space designed to bathe, soak, and relax. Terracotta. Wood. Plaster. And warm metal finishes of brass and copper from Chown Hardware.  


Little Sur

This personal kitchen remodel of Stephanie Dyer’s is all about respect for what’s existing and the story it tells. The goal was to keep and celebrate the magical parts of the space—“organic, earthy, California Canyon Cabin”—while updating the function and aesthetics.