Our mission is to improve quality of life through luxury bathroom design, with practical performance and ecological efficiency.  Founded in Southern California in 1987, we pioneered decorative bath fixtures in coordinated suites with the St. Thomas Creations brand, followed with contemporary and transitional designs under our Icera brand in 2010.   We have continuously embraced innovation in design and technology to deliver industry-leading performance toilet fixtures, with matching vanities and suites for a complete, unified bathroom experience.

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Icera ceramic products are “designed for life”, and we stand behind our ceramic products with limited Lifetime Warranty.  We continue to innovate and deliver new technology for a continuously improving bathroom experience.

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Ecological Focus

During the 1990’s, with increasing awareness of environmental threats and the growing shortage of water supply in California and nationwide, we at Icera embraced technological innovation to develop toilets that could use little water, yet still deliver high-performance flushing.  Toilet flushing comprises about 1/3 of all household water consumption, making it an important area for conservation.








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Icera Bathroom Products
Icera Bathroom Products


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