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Since 2011, Chown Hardware has been the exclusive boutique distributor for Waterworks fixtures in Oregon and Washington. With similar shared values for quality craftsmanship and honest designs, Chown and Waterworks have built on their synergies year after year, culminating in Chown being named the Waterworks Boutique Partner of the Year in 2018. Both companies look forward to expanding their partnership into Seattle in the fall of 2019. Discover the only bath and kitchen design resource to offer customizable, best-in-class product across every category, in styles from modern to classic and iconic.

More about Waterworks

The premier design resource for bath and kitchen, Waterworks offers an exclusive assortment of fittings, surfaces, bathtubs, washstands and vanities, lighting, hardware, accessories and more. Made with the finest materials, Waterworks products and services offer a level of distinction and recognizable value that enhances any property. Explore Waterworks uniquely authentic offerings, including their more accessible Waterworks Studio range. The brand’s dedication to artisanal craftsmanship and advanced engineering is evident in everything they make.

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History of Waterworks

For more than 40 years Waterworks has brought impeccable style and artisanal quality of craftsmanship to bathrooms, kitchens and discerning spaces worldwide. From our early start in our shop in the Pacific Northwest, we have expanded our presence and now reflect the styles, technologies, and forms that we have discovered through our years of experience and our travels across the globe.




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Waterworks Bathroom

waterworks bathroom

Bathroom Faucets

A Waterworks bathroom faucet is a mark of distinction. Explore classic, transitional & modern styles for the bath in a range of fine finishes. Each fitting is meticulously handcrafted, engineered for performance and superior in quality and innovation.

Waterworks BAThroom FAucets

Waterworks Kitchen

waterworks kitchen

Kitchen Faucets

Reimagined for today’s kitchen and bar, Waterworks kitchen faucets come in a wide range of styles that facilitate multitasking, from powerful double-spout fittings to timeless designs inspired by Edwardian elegance.

waterworks bathroom sinks

Bathroom Sinks

Sculptural forms, exquisite materials and enduring design define Waterworks collection of sinks. The company culls the finest materials — including stone, copper and ceramic — from around the world and crafts them into sinks that are both special and essential.

waterworks kitchen sinks

Kitchen Sinks

Beautifully designed and engineered, Waterworks kitchen sinks offer style and performance that last for generations. Shop an array of elements (in fireclay, commercial-grade stainless steel, marble and hand-hammered copper) to create a look that’s all your own.

waterworks bathtubs


As the centerpiece of the bath, an artful tub makes a statement and sets the tone for ritual and relaxation. From freestanding designs to classic insert styles, Waterworks tubs are crafted from superior materials with impeccable detail and perfect proportions.

waterworks shower heads

Shower Systems

Recreate your very best spa moment. Waterworks shower systems are precisely engineered to ensure superior comfort. Choose from overhead and wall-mounted shower heads, as well as hand-held styles, to immerse yourself in luxury.



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